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Pure Remedy

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This picture shows the resulting marks of hijama treatment.

These marks take 1-2 weeks to fade









To get the best out of your treatment we recommend the following:


Before Treatment

- Fast for 3-4 hours. Clear fluids only

- Have a shower or bath

- Be in a state of wudu preferably and read duas of protection (Surah Fatiha, 3 Qul)


After Treatment

Wound care

 -No bathing/showering for next 24hrs

 -Rub olive oil/black seed oil onto the hijama sites twice a day (for 2 weeks)

 -Do not pick at the scabs if they appear

Do not consume following for 48hrs:

 -Red meat

 -Dairy products


 -Fizzy drinks

 -Fried food (chips, donner etc.)

 -Anything with high sugar content

 -Alcohol or any other intoxicants & stimulants

Refrain from following for 48hrs:


 -Physical activity/heavy lifting

 -Long distance driving

 -Sexual intercourse

 -Sauna/steam room

Recommended diet (preferred to be organic & raw products):

 -Honey (1 tablespoon per day of Sidr, Acacia or locally produced honey)

 -Dates (5 a day, Ajwaa if available)

 -Figs, pomegranate & olives

 -Apple cider vinegar (1 teaspoon mixed in water)

 -Teaspoon of olive oil & black seed oil

 -Zum Zum water

 -Read and blow on yourself; Surah Fatiha, Surah Al Bakara (last 2 ayas), Ayatul Kursi & 4 Quls