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Pure Remedy

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Adeel Ibrahim

BSc Sports Science


Adeel Ibrahim (BSc Sports Science)

Our male Practitioner is Adeel Ibrahim.

Adeel is one of the most recommended hijama practitioner in Scotland .

He has been taught and certified by two of the U.K’s leading teachers and was one of the first to offer the Hijama treatment in Scotland.

Adeel is very passionate and knowledgeable in nutrition, the wholefood diet, along with the need for raw unprocessed foods and the health benefits in juicing veg and fruit. From a young age he had a thirst to learn about Prophetic and Traditional Medicine, collecting books, researching and attending lectures and seminars on wellbeing.


Adeel has always enjoyed looking after peoples health from a young age and it is something he has strongly remained engaged in.


He is known for being friendly, approachable, down to earth and trustworthy.

He has spent many years as a Youth Development Worker, Family Support Worker, Sports Coach and Certified Counsellor. 

He has experience and involvement in many Organizations and Charities that cater for and care for people's Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health.

Adeel is actively engaged in the local community in both spiritual circles and non, whether that be with youth groups or the elderly, counselling families or setting up community centres, or volunteering in charity work.

Having the benefit of a degree in Sports Science, Islamic Studies and a knowledge of Pharmacy along with his passion for advocating for true health and wellbeing led him and Sahira Dar an experienced Doctor, NLP and Hijama Practioner to team up and establish together the First Hijama Clinic in Scotland called Pure Remedy.


Together they are working to make a Professional, Friendly and Caring service for the benefit of the Scottish Community. 


If you have any questions or concerns regarding treatment don’t hesitate to call and we will try to answer them.


Dr Sahira Dar (MBChB, MRCGP)

Dr Sahira Dar is a health specialist in the broadest possible terms.

She studied medicine at the University of Glasgow but soon after graduating she realised that modern medicine as taught in the West does not necessarily have all of the answers so she began to research alternative therapies, both Eastern and Western, to give her a more holistic approach through a better understanding of the self.

Having completing her hospital training in 2002, she has been working as a General Practitioner in Glasgow for 4 years now so she is in the privileged position of being able to understand what is right and wrong with modern medicine from the inside.

For her the question “What is the best I can do for my patient?” has a wider array of answers than just the writing of a prescription for all ailments.

The Pure Remedy Clinic is the culmination of a journey which has seen her gain knowledge and experience in Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Herbalism, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hijama Therapy.


Sahira has three children, the youngest born this year, and she and her husband are involved in a lot of the excellent Islamic work being done in the community. She was the public face of Islamic Awareness Week 2013 and worked tirelessly to provide a fantastic range of activities and events in Glasgow.



She is also a graduate of the ground breaking iSyllabus (Islamic sciences) course run by Sheikh Ruzwan Mohammed and Sheikh Amer Jamil and continues her studies in the postgraduate iSyllabus+ course.

“What I love most about Hijama is that not only will you feel positive changes to your health, but you will also be helping to revive a sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) giving you a spiritual benefit too.”

Dr Sahira Dar



MBChB (University of Glasgow)

MRCGP (Royal College of General Practitioners)

Certified Master Practitioner NLP, TIME Techniques, Hypnotherapist, Coaching, EFT

Certified Hijama Therapist