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Before Hijama Treatment:


- Fast for 3-4 hours before treatment.

- Drink plenty of water starting 24hrs before treatment

- Have a shower or bath on the day

- Be in a state of wudu/purity preferably

  (specific to Muslim clients) 


All recommendations will be discussed further by your therapist.

After Hijama Treatment:


Wound Care:

- No bathing/showering for 24hrs

- Rub olive oil/black seed oil onto the hijama sites twice a day

- Do not pick at the scabs if they appear

Do not consume the following for 48hrs:

- Red meat

- Dairy products

- Coffee/Tea

- Fizzy drinks

- Fried food (chips, donner etc.)

- Anything with high sugar content

- Alcohol or any other intoxicants & stimulants

Refrain from the following for 48hrs:

- Smoking

- Physical activity/heavy lifting

- Long distance driving

- Sexual intercourse

- Sauna/steam room

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