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"Hijama is securely rooted in Islamic tradition, through the numerous ahadith of Muhammad Rasullullah (sallalla ho alayhi wassalam). So I was very keen to have it done but by people who knew what they were doing. Adeel performed my Hijama and I was really impressed. The environment was very relaxed but highly professional. He explained, in detail, the entire treatment with sound advice. Throughout the procedure, he was keen to ensure I was comfortable which made the whole experience fantastic. Over the next few days I found that I had a lot more energy and have required less sleep to function (of course this is just my experience and others may differ)."

Ahmed, Client

"Recommended for Mental, Physical and Spiritual healing. Treatment is in a clean and clinical practice. The practitioners are professional, happy to answer any questions and always warm & welcoming. I have been a few times for Hijama (or Wet cupping) and it does wonders for my well-being."

Anon, Glasgow

"I have used their service and have found the Hijama/cupping beneficial. The staff member went through my medical history before starting the treatment to ensure that it did not affect my conditions. Fantastic service."

Afzal Bashir

"Can't believe the instant lightness I felt. A lot of tension has been removed. Sahira was very professional and her knowledge is expansive. I enjoyed my treatment thoroughly. Thank you. I'll be back for more."

Zinat Asif

"After my first session, although I was very exhausted, in a few days I felt so much better and actually at my next MRI scan I was informed that my slipped spinal disc had actually receded. While I have been doing physiotherapy aswell, a previous scan had shown no improvement. I believe hijama did what it was meant to, removed the old blood at the point and encouraged new blood cells to replace them. Also Sahira is very knowledgeable and knowing she is a qualified medical doctor is very reassuring."

Faseeha, Medical Student

"Was a bit anxious getting it done to begin with but his empathy and professionalism sorted that out in a matter of minutes. Adeel covered a history and symptoms to begin with. Extremely professional. Ironed out any ambiguity. Keeps you assured throughout the entire session and at the end provided great advice going forward. Hygiene was kept at its optimum. Looking forward to my next session. Highly recommended."

Qam Qhi

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