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Traditional Wet Cupping (Hijama)


"Indeed in cupping/ hijama there is a cure."  Saheeh Muslim (5706); Authentic narration from the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Hijama is the traditional Arabic word for wet cupping. It involves the creating of suctions and negative pressure through cups and then making small, shallow incisions in the skin surface to draw out stagnated blood and toxins from the body.  Cups are applied to specific parts of the body, such as affected areas, muscles and organs to circulate blood, reduce stagnation, reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

Hijama cupping therapy is a preventative therapy to stay healthy, as well as a curative treatment for chronic symptoms and ill health.

Hijama is considered a form of energy medicine because it unblocks any blockages which may be present in the meridians in the body. There are specific points on the body where the cups are applied for each ailment and your hijama therapist will discuss this with you and tailor a treatment plan for your needs.


Hijama has no major side effects aside from minimal discomfort due to the method of application of skin cuts to the patient. Other possible minor side effects that may occur is feeling of slight light headedness post therapy. Hijama encourages blood flow to the cupped region (hyperemia) and therefore the patient may feel warmer and hotter as a result of vasodilatation taking place and slight sweating may occur.

Please note hijama is contraindicated in following: Pregnant women, terminal cancer patients and patients with bone fractures or severe injuries.


Please see Further Information for Before Treatment and After Treatment instructions.


Cupping Massage


This is a form of deep tissue massage using hijama cups.  It is a great treatment for stretching muscles and connective tissue by loosening adhesions and restrictions and calms local nerves.  All this allows for better blood flow, reduced inflammation and deep muscle relaxation.  Perfect for sports injuries, aches and pains and to help optimise athletic performance.

​​​Lifestyle Coaching


Lifestyle coaching takes a holistic, whole person approach to overcome the behaviours that are preventing you from achieving optimal health. We focus on the foundations of health: Diet & nutrition, Movement & exercise, Sleep and Stress management & emotional needs. 


This is often incorporated into the hijama package.

NLP Therapy / Emotional Freedom Technique


We use short, effective techniques that achieve lasting and powerful behavioural changes. We help you be the best that you can be and achieve success, health and happiness - whether that be losing weight, stopping smoking, overcoming your fears, letting go of the past or making your dreams become a reality. NLP & EFT are ideal therapies for:


- Phobia cure

- Allergy cure

- Health goals / Weight loss

- Overcoming limiting beliefs

- Trauma recovery

Let’s take the next exciting steps together!

Prices available upon request - contact us now!

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