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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction - Are you suffering silently?

There are many women’s health topics that people just don’t like to talk about. PFD is one of them. Women often don’t seek help for this and find it difficult to talk to friends and family about these issues because of the taboo and embarrassment associated with it.

It is so common to find middle aged women that are secretly suffering with urinary incontinence and are having to wear pads and carry spare underwear. A young female relative recently disclosed to me about her post baby embarrassing moment of incontinence – no one told her this could ever happen, and she was mortified.

Let’s get past the stigma! Share the information you read here today! It could be life changing for someone (maybe you)!

What does this look like? PFD can cause the following problems – urinary urgency, leaking, incontinence, bowel issues, constipation, issues with SI, prolapse of your womb. The severity of these issues can vary greatly and for some can be very disabling and restrictive to their lives.

What ‘causes’ it - pregnancy, obesity, menopause, ‘ageing’

Is there any good new? YES! The majority (some say 90%) of PFD is a ‘movement disorder’ and can be rectified without pills and surgery.

Here is what you can do to help yourself (I won’t go into the science stuff here…that’s a whole workshop). Do this daily for 3min if possible. Sit comfortably on a chair or floor.

1. BREATHE PROPERLY – on the inward breath your rib cage should expand out as lungs fill and on the exhale, rib cage deflates as do the lungs. This allows the proper functioning of the diaphragm which should be the main muscle of breathing (but often isn’t)

2. Once the above is established, on the exhale you want to add the following movement – squeeze your vagina closed and up, imagining that you are pulling up a cherry on a string and take it as high as possible. On the inhale slowly let the cherry go down. Repeat and continue for 3min if possible but can start with 30seconds and build up

You will notice the changes after 3 weeks of doing this daily! – Let me know how you get on!

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